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We are proud to be the biggest local tour operator of the Balkans with a healthy growth by putting it on top of it every year for 30 years with the principle that you will either be the first or the best when doing something .

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Fibula Group, which entered the tourism sector in 1992, has provided services in Turkey and opened its first tour management office in Bosnia in 1998. Continuing its expansion towards the north of Macedonia and Kosovo in 1999, the group opened offices in Serbia and Romania between 2003 and 2005.

Since 2015, Fibula Group has become the largest tour operator and tourism group in the Balkans, establishing a service network from Fibula to Fibula, capable of providing product, sales, operations, and support services without any intermediaries. In 2018, Fibula Group successfully doubled its outbound operations and opened a new office in the Czech Republic. In 2021, we opened offices in Switzerland and Albania. Moldova and Albania are coming with more than 60 charter flights.

Dedicated Team

We have dedicated teams foreach service provided like: Hotel Contracts, Transfers (group, private and also VIP), Technology

Always On

Our dedicated teams are able to offer 24h support 7/7 to our guests and partners.

Technology First

Fibula Air Travel Agency is making each year new investments in technology and software in order for our systems to be UP 99.97% of the time.


From desktop to mobile, from office to work from home, we are able to solve all requests and this is why we want to Stay Young With US


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